Hoodia: Call It Gift Of Magi for Obese

Hoodia: Call It Gift Of Magi for Obese

Deep Kalahari Desert is the mystical place to the external world. The climate is very predictable? hot very hot most unsuitable for the survival of human being. But few tribes have been living there since time immemorial. What do they eat in such an extreme climate where vegetation is extinct? They primarily depend on hunting of animals found in desert. They have to go deep in the desert for hunting and this expedition can take a whole day. How do they control their appetite in the desert? Hoodia is the answer to this question; it is a succulent plant which is found there and has the qualities of a powerful appetite suppressor. The plant looks like cactus as its leaves are turned into spines.

It is a well known fact that obesity can be cured with the help of a proper appetite suppressor. The proper appetite suppressor means? a medication which has high efficacy in curbing appetite and it doesn’t pose the user’s body to any side-effect. Phytopharm found both of these qualities in Hoodia plant and decided to make world exterior to Kalahari known about the qualities of this herb. Therefore, it got the license for the development of drug from Hoodia plant in the year 1995. Later Pfizer joined hands with Phytopharm but for some unknown reasons it left Phytopharm. Since Phytopharm is the license holder so after leaving Phytopharm, Pfizer is not entitled to do production and sale of Hoodia medication. Now Phytopharm and Unilever are the two companies which are developing and producing high efficacy appetite suppressant from Hoodia plant.

Phytopharm is successful in extracting prime appetite suppressing constituent from Hoodia plant which is known as P57. This extraction from Hoodia Gordonii plant befools the brain of user about the presence of food in the stomach by increasing the level of sugar in the blood; it works 100,000 times faster than the natural glucose. Till the brain knows, there is sufficient food in the stomach you cannot feel the urge for food. Even your favourite dish cannot generate temptation for food. Once your appetite is in your control you can reduce weight with the help of moderate physical work. Because of the benefits which it produces in obesity, calling it a gift of Magi for obese may not be an exaggeration.

For convenience of user the drug manufacturer has been producing it in three forms and Hoodia slimming medication is available in tablets, capsules and health drinks. All three have similar efficacy and choice of particular type which depends upon the user. Hoodia produces better results when a pill or capsule of Hoodia in the volume of 1200mg is consumed daily. A pill or capsule of Hoodia should be swallowed with a glassful of fresh water an hour before having breakfast.

Though, Hoodia is safe in all respects yet there are some groups of people like patient of certain diseases, breast feeding mothers, pregnant ladies and ladies planning to bear child who should not use Hoodia. Therefore, as a precautionary measure prior consultation with doctor is better.

There is no need to visit your local pharmacist to purchase Hoodia because it is easily available through an online order. Online purchase of Hoodia brings you dual benefits; firstly you can surprise people around you with your slim and trim figure without letting them know how you got it and secondly through an online order, Hoodia comes on a cheaper rate.