Acne Soap – A Low-Cost Acne Fighting Solution

Acne Soap – A Low-Cost Acne Fighting Solution

Acne can wreak havoc on anyone at any time. You can have a flawless complexion one day to wake up with a face full of zits virtually overnight. Acne treatments can be expensive as well as dermatology prescriptions to clear the skin. Acne soap is a low-cost acne fighting solution to your problems that is well within the budget.

Soap was meant to clean away the impurities on the skin. When using acne soap, a balance must be kept in the skin to keep it moisturized as well as cleansed. If the skin becomes too dry, the opposite effect can take place causing more production of oil leading to increased breakouts.

The best kind of acne soap will have properties to keep the skin moisturized, clean, and medicated all in one. Natural ingredients in the form of aloe vera, olive oil and glycerin will leave the skin feeling refreshed and not overly dried. Natural antiseptics to clean the skin can be found in the form of tea tree oil, bergamot, and patchouli which also removes excess fluids from the tissue with any inflammation. The medication portion of the soap can be made from made sulfur, benzoin, alpha-hydroxy, or even salicylic acid.

Sulfur can be used for acne medication and skin remedies because of its bacteria-fighting properties on the skin, which results in clearer skin and lessens the appearance of acne, seborrhea, and psoriasis conditions. Benzoin helps with circulation in the skin and soothes dry cracked skin. Alpha hydroxy is naturally fruit and plants. Salicylic acid is a superb skin exfoliant, suppresses skin irritation, and has anti-inflammatory qualities. These compounds have been proven to fight acne at its core in the cell wall allowing the medication to clean the pores from the inside out leading to decreased inflammation and breakouts.

The average cost of a 3-step system would cost anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 for the most expensive brands. Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on acne products looking for the best combination of products to suit their needs. Who knew that a bar of acne soap with some of the active ingredients of the same 3-step acne systems could be found for $5.00 to $15.00 resulting in significant savings? It is just a matter of you doing your research to find the products. Obtaining and keeping beautiful skin can still be a snap with a daily beauty regimen using acne soap.