Best Method for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Best Method for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Did you know that a recent survey done on 50 men about the most disgusting thing a woman can have is upper lip hair? An astounding 37 of the 50 mentioned upper lip hair over armpit hair and leg hair. The best method of hair removal has always been strongly debated and there are just no clear winners. However, in this post, I will be sharing with you my personal experience on the method that I feel is the best for removing hair in the upper lip hair region. This is just my personal opinion and I still use other methods for other portions of my body regularly.

Over the years I have tried waxing, hair removing creams as well as laser hair treatments for my upper lip but I feel that the most convenient and most effective is the use of threading to remove that unsightly hair.

Threading is a technique which originated from the Middle Eastern countries. It is done by using a long piece of thread to roll over the hair and then skilfully plucking out the unwanted hair. Not only can threading be used to remove your upper lip hair, it can also be used to trim your eyebrows as well as other parts of your face. Most practitioners are very skilled and can do this very quickly and painlessly. Although the technique originated from the Middle East, more and more spa centres as well as beauty parlours are incorporating this into their services they provide. Threading is also one of the cheapest methods around and each treatment only costs between 10-20 dollars. Comparing this to laser treatments which can easily cost $100 per session, threading is affordable and anyone can do it to improve their looks.

Because threading removes the hair from its follicles, the effects normally last between 3-5 weeks before new hair roots starts to grow again. In comparison to hair removal creams which normally only last for a few days, threading is definitely the more permanent solution to upper lip hair removal.

However, as the saying goes “beauty comes with a price”, you do have to note that because the process is removing the hair from its follicles, it can be a little painful at times and may cause swelling. However, this will definitely not cause a scar and it is very normal. Most people compare the pain to just a small ant bite.