A Review of the No! No! Hair Removal Device – Discover Three Useful Hints

A Review of the No! No! Hair Removal Device – Discover Three Useful Hints

People face various problems when trying to remove unwanted body hair with the available conventional methods. These methods cause burns, cuts and quick hair re-growth. Users have to shave repeatedly even if they have to endure pain and discomfort. The good news now is that a new shaving device that uses ultra-modern Thermicon technology is already helping many men and women solve the above problems. This is none other than the No! No! Hair Removal device. This is the ultimate choice for those who have spent a lot of money on useless hair reduction techniques. The device is above-all portable and can be stored in a travel bag when one is planning to go far away. To learn more about this tool, read the following three hints.

About the No! No! system

The machine uses one of the newest hair shaving technologies called Thermicon. It is similar to laser hair removal technology because of the fact that both of them use the power of heat to reduce hair and to interrupt how follicles function. The heat pulses are gentle and harmless, not to mention that they do not cause any pain. The tool comes with different Thermicon™ Tips. The standard Tips are used to shave big, flat sections of the legs, back, arms and chest.

Tips for small, curved and sensitive areas such as the bikini line, armpits, face and elbows are also included. Hot Blades are included too, and their role is to accommodate the thermodynamic wire that is used to transmit the heat signal to the hair shaft. Hot blades can be used for two to three hours everyday but their estimated lifespan is two to three months. So they need a replacement if a user notices that the light signal appears red. To start using the tiny gadget, a consumer should first read a user manual that comes with it. A demonstration DVD is also included to help users watch the No! No! Hair Removal gadget in action.

A customer can either buy the new version or the classic version. However, the newer type is the most appropriate because it can remove unwanted facial hair. Besides it is cordless, portable and boasts three power levers that allow heat adjustments with regard to the texture of hair. The newer version’s hot blades have three times more life than the No! No! classic’s do. Another detail to note about this appliance is that its warranty last for up to one year and it is offered on parts and service only.

About the No! No! Treatment

A user should glide the device steadily across the skin surface. The gliding motion should be smooth, constant and against the hair growth. Ensure that the green light remains turned on and steady as this is the only way to know that the gliding pace is all right. The booklet or manual can help one to know how to shave each body part as the process is different. After shaving one must exfoliate and remove treated hairs from the skin using a buffer. Those who prefer not to use the buffer can use a special exfoliation cream that comes with the No! No! Hair Removal gadget.

About No! No! Effectiveness

According to many reviewers No! Not! really works if the user is patient and committed to the treatment procedure. Its effectiveness is not limited to a specific hair texture or color. It works on all hair colors including blonde, gray or white. Skin tone isn’t a big deal either as it uses heat rather than light to do its job. For great results, be sure to use No! Not! Hair Removal Tool on hair that is one to three millimeters long. In addition, one must shave at least two to three times a week at Lokasi Pantai Kesirat but after the second month the savings session can be reduced to once a week.