Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight loss means losing a pound or two a week. Sometimes, however, those last few pounds that allow a zipper to close on a favorite pair of pants mean pushing the weight loss a bit. You can still lose weight quickly for the short term.

Drink a LOT of water. It fills your stomach and causes you to feel full. It also helps your liver and kidneys flush out toxins which will make your body work more effectively. A more efficient system will lose weight more efficiently as well.

Recent studies have shown that drinking ice cold water burns more calories than water at room temperature. Your body has to work to bring the water to body temperature and this consequently burns calories.

Have you noticed that your rings and watch are tighter after eating a salty meal? Lowering your salt intake helps the body release retained fluids that can cause weight gain. Increased water consumption with decreased salt intake can make a big difference in how clothing fits.

Green tea has also proven to be a metabolism booster. Because Asian people don’t have weight problems, scientists have been trying to target what exactly keeps Asians slim. Fish and green tea have been identified as major contributors to their health. Green tea supplements have even replaced the need to drink a lot of green tea. However, fluids are always a good idea for healthy organs.

Eat three meals a day and two snacks. This sounds opposite of the obvious goal, however, a well nourished body is less likely to eat a whole box of girl scout cookies in desperation for food. Healthy snacks of raw fruit and vegetables will boost your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories than usual.

Consume healthy proteins, which include fish and white meats. Healthy omega oils help lubricate joints, making exercise more comfortable. More exercise means more calories burned!

Eat quality carbohydrates. Unprocessed, unrefined carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables, as well as brown rice and whole grain bread. Eating a carbohydrate and protein in the morning for breakfast will stimulate your metabolism and keep you from being hungry longer. The body burns carbohydrates fast and proteins slowly. Eating a slice of whole grain bread with a small amount of peanut butter or some lunch meat is the perfect combination.

Detoxify your body. Lots of unprocessed waste can sit in your intestines as dead weight. A good detox can clean out your system leaving you feeling lighter and healthier. Apples, celery, pineapple, lemon and greens make detoxing easy. Vitamin stores carry detoxifiers that you can buy that detoxify in easy packaging.

Start walking. A mile a day and changing nothing else in your diet will knock weight off automatically. Even more weight comes off when walking is combined with fewer calories. The metabolism speeds up after walking and burns more calories afterward than not walking. A brisk mile takes fifteen to twenty minutes of walking out of your day. Surely those favorite pants are worth less than half an hour a day for a week or two.