Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne – 10 Natural Acne Curing Tips

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne – 10 Natural Acne Curing Tips

Are you still undecided about how to proceed and treat your acne? Maybe you’re still thinking about using these over-the-counter treatments but aren’t convinced yet. But let me tell you that now, you can find some Jasa SEO Murah for your own home. So why not tackle your acne problem starting right away instead of waiting.

Here are 10 natural acne cure tips that can be used as home remedies to get rid of acne:


Did you know that zinc can be used for acne treatment and prevention? Yep it’s effective. Zinc is an essential mineral which is vital for your immune system. So having an adequate amount of zinc in your body will reinforce your immune system. As you might know already, the causes of acne breakouts are due to hyperactive sebaceous glands and bacteria on the skin. Having a deficiency in zinc would mean your immune system will malfunction and consequently, your sebaceous glands will tend to overwork and produce more sebum which would result in oilier skins making you more proned to get acne. So it’s crucial that you get more zinc in your diet. Zinc can be found in foods like chicken, eggs, beans, lean beef, nuts, wholegrain foods, turkey, dairy products. You can also get zinc from zinc supplements.


Exfoliating your skin is vital for proper skin care and helps for acne cure and prevention. This is used to remove any dead cells and excess oil blocking your pores. Make use of some acne masks, let it remain on your skin for 20-30 minutes and afterwards, use an abrasive cloth to remove it and wash off with water. Do this process gently and not roughly as this can irritate your acne. You can get tips for acne masks in some of the home remedies below.


Lemons are used to make lemonades and you even have it as lemon ice tea but lemons have many virtues and one of them is treating acne. Lemon is known to be a powerful astringent and the acidity from lemons can actually shrink acne and get rid of excess oil as well. You can just cut a lemon in half, then squeeze and rub the juice on your skin. Leave it on your affected areas for 15 minutes and wash off with water after.

Orange Peels

Oranges are not only for your vitamin C intake but can well be used for acne care. Did you know the peels have curing properties? Indeed they have. Remove the orange peels and mash it to create a paste and apply it on your skin as a mask.


Fenugreek seeds are used to make curry powder but its leaves can be used as an acne treatment. Make a paste with those leaves with some water and create a mask.


This might sound funny but toothpaste can actually aid in acne healing. Just apply some on your acne spots and leave it on while you’re sleeping. After waking up, wash it off.


Grate a few slices of cucumber and apply them on your skin. Let it rest for 20-25 minutes. The hydrating and nourishing juice from cucumber can do wonders to your skin. You can also use cucumber juice as a facial scrub. Cucumbers are great skin moisturizers.


No am not talking about eating your favorite strawberry cake. Strawberries are yummy but they are also yummy for your skin as well. These fruits contain alkaline and these minerals are effective for reducing acne swelling. You can make use of strawberry juice and apply on your skin or you can also use strawberry leaves, create a paste with some water and cover your skin with it as a mask.

Coriander or Mint

Herbs and leaves are beneficial for acne. Heard about herbal acne treatment? In addition to using strawberry leaves, you can also use coriander or mint. Both are herbs which can be used for cooking but are great for skin treatment as well. Like with strawberry, mash up the leaves and create a paste mixed with some water but add some turmeric powder as well and apply it on your acne as a mask.

Garlic or Onions

Garlic and onions are not only good for health but highly beneficial for skin care, acne and blemishes. These spices contain sulfuric acid which can kill acne-causing bacteria. Here is what you do. First off, slice the garlic or onion in half to get access to the juice inside. Wet your face a bit with some water so that when you apply the spices, the sulfuric acid will be diluted with the water and not too strong as this might cause irritation for some people. Next rub the raw garlic or onions on your acne areas 1-2 times per day and let the juice rest for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards rinse off with water. You can also blend some garlic or onions with some water to get the juice and apply on your face after with some cotton. By doing this regularly, you can actually reduce acne swelling and get a clearer skin with time. Eating some raw garlic and onions is also effective as this will purify your bloodstream and help eliminate any toxins, impurities and bacteria which are some of the causes of acne breakouts.

As natural home remedies to get rid of acne are usually of no or little risk whatsoever, feel free to give these acne healing methods a try and see what works better for you. You can also use a combination of those techniques but don’t overuse these treatments.