Oily Skin Acne Treatment – 5 Tips For Great Skin Care

Oily Skin Acne Treatment – 5 Tips For Great Skin Care

There are many people who have oily skin. Oily skin isn’t a good thing as it makes you more proned to get acne breakouts. Your skin needs to be maintained and moisturized for proper skin care but not necessarily oily. Oil is produced on your skin due to your sebaceous glands. Overproduction of oil can happen for a number of reasons and it isn’t good for skin health. Some of the reasons include too much stress, poor nutrition, lack of skin hygiene, lack of exercise amongst others. If you have a greasy face and some acne, it’s time to start tackling this problem through an effective oily skin acne treatment.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the oil. There are various methods you can use for cleansing. One thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to remove the oil and make your skin too dry now. Dryness can irritate your skin, makes it flaky and can cause acne to erupt. So if you’re using a product which makes your skin too dry and uncomfortable, you might need to change. Also, dont overwash your face, 2-3 times per day is ok. Too much cleansing can make the oil production worsen.

Here are 5 cleansing techniques for your oily skin acne treatment:

  1. Oil-based Products

Some people have great results using an oil-based product itself for cleansing. Might sound weird because using oil to remove oil makes no sense but actually, doing this will remove the natural oils from your skin without causing any dryness. You skin will remain moisturized which is a good thing.

  1. Acne Gels

Others will make use of acne gels for cleansing and it works for them but some people’s skin are sensitive and do get irritated with some gels. Some can even experience some sort of allergy. So each person solution can be different.

  1. Soaps

Using soaps is also a good alternative but be sure to use soaps which don’t irritate your skin. Some soaps can have ingredients which won’t do your skin any favor. Opt for natural soaps like herbal soaps and hypoallergenic soaps and soaps made from products like aloe vera, olive oil, glycerin, green tea. Good soaps should be able to do a thorough cleansing and keep your skin moisturized as well.

  1. Fruits

Furthermore, you can also use fruits like lemon because the latter is a good astringent and effective to get rid of the oil and dry it. Oranges, citrus and limes are some other alternatives.

  1. Masks

Masks are highly effective and are mostly applied on face. Some people will use clay and mud masks whereas others will use oatmeal, honey, egg white, egg yolks, baking soda with water, basil leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers amongst others.

Once you are treating your oily skin and lessening your acne, be sure to consider those factors which can make you more proned to an oily skin. Reduce stress in your life, have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water at least 8 glasses per day, exercise to improve blood flow and prevent skin from becoming too oily and last but not least, take proper care of your skin like applying face creams regularly to moisturize your skin if it’s too dry and respect hygiene for example, don’t touch your face or other body parts with dirty hands. Will these tips in hand, you will have a better skin health.